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FaceMe : BODY

Gallery Gala

Their inaugural gallery gala, on Saturday, September 24th at the historical Strand Theater. FaceMe Studios is a multidisciplinary collective that honors visual creativity, vulnerable communication, and intimate connection through the lens of photography, film, visual arts, and fashion within our community. FaceMe: BODY seeks to dismantle body dysmorphia, its impact on mental health, and the resulting shame that has impacted marginalized communities by sharing the images and stories of Boston residents of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Featured photographer Yohansy Garcia addresses the insecurities and mental health issues that affect our communities through the bombardment of digitally doctored images found in advertising, social media, and influencer culture. 


With help from Visual Architect Chrystian Dennis, Enhancing Esthetician Sarah Beth, and Griot Documenter Stanley Dominique, FaceMe Studios has produced many events, visuals, and conversations within our penned Art District of Upham’s Corner, Boston. The Collective welcomes you to attend their Gala night of art, performances, and conversations by purchasing a ticket or supporting their ongoing mission at FaceMe

FaceMe:BODY Brochure

FaceMe: Body

We are seeking economic empowerment from our community and support system to bring this vision to light. With any event there are a multitude of needs that are required to have a full, engaging and prosperous experience. Your contribution will strengthen our impact!

If you’re a business, and would like to sponsor or vend this event please contact

Pitch deck and sponsor packages will be sent upon request!

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