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What we're about!

WOMBXN is a lifestyle brand, welcoming individuals to wander in curiosity, explore vulnerability, and experience intimacy. We can change the narrative, shatter societal conditions, and expand identity amongst our community through our platforms, spaces, and energy. We aim to reveal and express the gradient of labels, constructs, and status to heal our souls, grow our capacity, and expand our reach. The way to accomplish such challenging experiences is with the support, encouragement, and interest of YOU! Without the creatives, entrepreneurs, and grassroots organizations of the world; there would be no art, solutions, and most certainly no justice. Wombxn would be honored to share your unique visuals, services, and solutions to bring diverse vantage points of todays time.

‘Heal the Womb, Generations Bloom’

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Yéja Moon, the WOMBXN mermaid, encourages and guides you to live life full and free. Their resilient character, refined lifestyle and radical truth shines light on the shadow parts and deepest roots to increase peace and unconditional love. The debut chapter MATRIARCH features the range of what it means to nurture ourselves and others. Whether that is closing generational wounds, awakening our awareness or opening the portal to creation, life. Seeing we are all created from the womb, it is essential to honor our Divine Feminine, our Mother Earth, and our Foremothers in spirit, mind, body, and emotion!

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Cooperative economics is a sacred principle and has a rich history of thriving communities, therefore enriching our own creatives, entrepreneurs, and healers is essential to our growth!

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To judge me you must know me, to know me you must...
FaceMe Gallery - February 2022


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