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Pu.C is a blend of herbs, seeds, and roots that are formulated to reduce inflammation of the womb and gut, decrease muscle cramps, bloating, and sugar cravings. This special blend includes herbs and roots that directly attack yeast and other candida forms that are common issues such as infections, thrush, UTI, etc. This blend may be used internally and externally, see list below.


Tea + Coffee

Ritual + Cleansing Baths

Facial + Yoni Steam

and an additive to your favorite butters, lotions, and potions!




السعربدءًا من 5٫55$
ضريبة شاملة
  • Name: Pu.C


    MINI 1.5 oz

    MIDI 4.0 oz

    Serving: 1 tsp per cup, Total: 7 cups

    packaging: Sustainable and reusable hexagon glass jars with a twine bow and logo sticker on cap.

    *Ingredients: Rose buds + hips, Chamomile, Burdock Root, Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Pau D'Arco, Oregano, Mugwort, Yarrow

    *Locally sourced + supplied by Herbs of Mexico, Urban Farming Ins., and nature foraging.

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