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Welcome to the first animated magazine that immerses you in every page! Be of the exclusive few who get to access the prototype before augment reality integration. Vol.1 includes short stories, art, poetry and healing tips that cover the topic of MATRIARCH and many more surprises in between. This animation links to podcasts, videos, products, services and the artists themselves! Click away, trust us you cant break it (-__*)


Be sure to tell us your favorite entry by tagging @WOMBXN or #WOMBXNMATRIARCH on you social platforms, we will be sure to return the love!




12٫22$ سعر عادي
2٫22$سعر البيع
ضريبة شاملة
  • 8x8in 76 pg animation mini-book

    featuring: Stormi Maya, London Escada, Wellness tips, Crystal insight, Comic by Thirteen Vic, and much more!

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