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What we're about

WOMBXN is a lifestyle brand that consults and curates immersive socially responsible events and products; to wander in curiosity, explore vulnerability, and experience intimacy. The way to accomplish such challenging experiences is with the support, encouragement, and interest of YOU! Without the creatives, entrepreneurs, and grassroots organizations of the world; there would be no art, solutions, and most certainly no justice. WOMBXN would be honored to share your unique visuals, services, and solutions to bring diverse vantage points of todays time.

‘Heal the Womb, Generations Bloom’


Support initiatives dedicated to ocean conservation, waste management, and recycling.


Explore + Journey through language, wisdom and creativity!

Social Impact

Stay updated with our immersive events and private group conversations.

The Temple

Experience products and services that guide you to Heaven on Earth.

Dancing Hands

Share your art

Join the next chapter of our mini-book series, where your creation becomes apart of history for lifetimes!

Yéya Moon, the WOMBXN mermaid, encourages you to live life full and free. Their resilient character, refined lifestyle and radical truth shines light on the shadow parts and deepest roots to increase peace and unconditional love.

YeYa Moon


Wander in Curiosity.
Explore Vulnerability.
Experience Intimacy. 

‘Heal the Womb, Generations Bloom’ 
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